Beta phase project log

Weeks 1–25th-19th June 2020Kickoff / wider engagement strategy / creating /  creating 6 parallel instances of the service / adoption strategy. Show & Tell Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
Weeks 3–419th June-3rd July 2020Engagement strategy / sharing validation requirements / maps. Show & Tell Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4
Weeks 5–63rd July–17th July 2020Validation requirement mapping / API. Show & Tell Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.
Weeks 7–817th July–31st July 2020Service Design (first half) – Clickable walkthrough. Validation requirements / rules Slides
Weeks 9–1031st July– 14th Aug 2020Service Design (second half) – Clickable walkthrough Slides, Show & Tell 
Weeks 11–1214th Aug– 28th Aug 2020Roadmapping / onboarding requirements mapping Slides, Show & Tell 
Weeks 13–1428th Aug– 11th Sep 2020Validation rules research / User Research / Adding the LDD data / Getting into flow writing / Setting up a Content Team Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 15–1611th Sep– 25th Sep 2020Benefits case / user research / Redesigning nav & triage / Find out if you need planning permission 1 Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 17–1825th Sep– 9th Oct 2020Certificate of Lawful Development Data / Validation research / User research /  Database + API / Find out if you need planning permission / Article 4s Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 19–20 9th Oct– 23rd Oct 2020User research / Find out if you need planning permission content / Certificate of Lawfulness Service Map Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 21–22 23rd Oct– 6th Nov 2020GOV.UK Pay partner preparation / MVP user stories and content design workshops /  User testing updates / Apply for Certficate of Lawfulness Mockup /  Mapping A4s / Result filtering / Pay Component, Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 23–246th Nov– 20th Nov 2020Content design / workshop with enforcement officers / User testing updates / Development of the Certificate of Lawfulness service design & content /  Adding a ‘prospective’ rear extension to the service mockup for testing Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 25–2620th Nov– 4th Dec 2020Ownership form / Materials form / Officer survey / User research updates / Send data component / Article 4 / Shaping user expectations around ‘pre-assessment’ Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 27–284th Dec– 18th Dec 2020First test of our scenario testing system / User testing updates / A4s / Notify Component / Feedback / Demo of ‘Apply for Certificate of Lawfulness’ skeleton service Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 29–3018th Dec– 1st Jan 2021Christmas break
Weeks 31–321st Jan 2021– 15th Jan 2021Scenario preparation for testing / initial RIPA→BOPS integration / form va
lidations / footer Slides, Show & Tell 
Weeks 33–3415th Jan 2021– 29th Jan 2021Testing ‘Find out if you need planning permission’ / monitoring and evaluation plan Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 35–3629th Jan 2021– 12th Feb 2021Officer testing feedback /  user testing feedback  / GIS update / more data to BOPs / GIS automations / Result / Changes to service and content Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 37–3812th Feb 2021– 26th Feb 2021Development backlog prioritisation / Developing the testing scenarios / Basic all-the-way-through ‘Apply for Certificate of Lawfulness’ to BOPS. Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 39–4026th Feb 2021– 12th Mar 2021User testing feedback on LDC service / State persist / New features and bug fixes Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 41–4212th Mar 2021– 26th Mar 2021Adding test scenarios  / API endpoint / Results / Calculate fees Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 43–4426th Mar 2021– 9th Apr 2021Omegas / Officer scenario testing /  Pay Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 45–469th Apr 2021– 23rd Apr 2021Officer testing / non-planner testing / Edge case scenario testing / Benefits case update / Infrastructure / Confirmation pages Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 47–4823rd Apr 2021– 7th May 2021Roadmap / more scenario testing / Prior Approvals / Bux A4s / Logic engine upgrade Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 49–507th May 2021– 21st May 2021Testing updates / Data-driven reporting demo / Three LDC services / The Big GIS hookup / GPDO 6 updates Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 51–5421st May 2021– 18th June 2021Preparations for Private BETA / How we are collecting and processing feedback. Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 55–5621st Jun 2021– 2nd July 2021Launch of Private BETA. ‘All the things we want to improve’ demo Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 57–582nd July 2021– 16th July 2021User testing / Content  (simplifying text, defining concepts) / Publish button Slides Show & Tell
Weeks 59–6016th Jul 2021– 30th July 2021User testing change of use / Content (validations, planning constraints) Slides, E2E testing, Draw Boundary 2.0 Slides, Show & tell
Weeks 61–6430th Jul 2021– 27th Aug 2021- Feedback from BETA users / User testing subdivisions / GDPO Updates / Maps / Improving deployment Slides, Show & tell
Weeks 65–6627th Aug 2021– 10th Sep 2021User testing immunity / Making components accessible / See your data when you click back Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 66–6710th Sep 2021– 24th Sep 2021Feedback from live applications / Content review / Accessibility progress / ‘Wrong authority’ invalidation. Slides, Show & Tell  
Weeks 67–6824th Sep 2021– 8th Oct 2021User testing immunity / Making components accessible / See your data when you click back Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 68–698th Oct 2021– 22nd Oct 2021User testing extensions / Guidance for drawings /  Slides / Find property / A look ahead Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 70–7322nd Oct 2021– 19th Nov 2021Content style guide / Building types detected automatically /   Fetch planning constraints from site outline / Snaps on maps Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 70–7319th Nov 2021– 17th Dec 2021Email notifications review / Accessibility fixes / Analytics 1.0 / Commit notes on editor Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 74–8210th Jan 2022 – 3rd Mar 2022First combined show and tell Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 83–863rd Mar 2022 - 30th Mar 2022Analytics, Digital Land integration, High level roadmap, Prior Approval mapping Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 87–9030th Mar 2022 - 26th Apr 2022 WCAG Approval, Save & Return, Uniform integration, BOPS Validation wizard, BOPS 2-factor-authentication Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 91–9426th Apr 2022–25th May 2022 BOPs accessibility, Application reference numbers, RIPA penetration testing, Save & Return notifications, Agricultural buildings content Onboarding checklist Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 95–9825th May 2022–22nd June 2022 BOPS Applicant, Improvements to Red line tool, Data for the Mayor of London, Three months of analytics from Southwark’s ‘Find out if...’ service Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 99–10222nd June 2022–20th July 2022 BOPS: Post-validation amendments, planning history integration, RIPA: Uniform integration  Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 103–11520th July 2022–14th Sep 2022 BOPS: Sign-off, planning history RIPA: Improving send, Help button testing, digital planning tube map  Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 116–11920th July 2022–14th Sep 2022 RIPA: Improving file upload BOPS: Observation day, PDF or digital red line. GENERAL: communications,onboarding reflections  Slides, Show & Tell

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