Beta phase project log

Weeks 1–25th-19th June 2020Kickoff / wider engagement strategy / creating /  creating 6 parallel instances of the service / adoption strategy. Show & Tell Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
Weeks 3–419th June-3rd July 2020Engagement strategy / sharing validation requirements / maps. Show & Tell Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4
Weeks 5–63rd July–17th July 2020Validation requirement mapping / API. Show & Tell Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.
Weeks 7–817th July–31st July 2020Service Design (first half) – Clickable walkthrough. Validation requirements / rules Slides
Weeks 9–1031st July– 14th Aug 2020Service Design (second half) – Clickable walkthrough Slides, Show & Tell 
Weeks 11–1214th Aug– 28th Aug 2020Roadmapping / onboarding requirements mapping Slides, Show & Tell 
Weeks 13–1428th Aug– 11th Sep 2020Validation rules research / User Research / Adding the LDD data / Getting into flow writing / Setting up a Content Team Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 15–1611th Sep– 25th Sep 2020Benefits case / user research / Redesigning nav & triage / Find out if you need planning permission 1 Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 17–1825th Sep– 9th Oct 2020Certificate of Lawful Development Data / Validation research / User research /  Database + API / Find out if you need planning permission / Article 4s Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 19–20 9th Oct– 23rd Oct 2020User research / Find out if you need planning permission content / Certificate of Lawfulness Service Map Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 21–22 23rd Oct– 6th Nov 2020GOV.UK Pay partner preparation / MVP user stories and content design workshops /  User testing updates / Apply for Certficate of Lawfulness Mockup /  Mapping A4s / Result filtering / Pay Component, Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 23–246th Nov– 20th Nov 2020Content design / workshop with enforcement officers / User testing updates / Development of the Certificate of Lawfulness service design & content /  Adding a ‘prospective’ rear extension to the service mockup for testing Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 25–2620th Nov– 4th Dec 2020Ownership form / Materials form / Officer survey / User research updates / Send data component / Article 4 / Shaping user expectations around ‘pre-assessment’ Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 27–284th Dec– 18th Dec 2020First test of our scenario testing system / User testing updates / A4s / Notify Component / Feedback / Demo of ‘Apply for Certificate of Lawfulness’ skeleton service Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 29–3018th Dec– 1st Jan 2021Christmas break
Weeks 31–321st Jan 2021– 15th Jan 2021Scenario preparation for testing / initial RIPA→BOPS integration / form va
lidations / footer Slides, Show & Tell 
Weeks 33–3415th Jan 2021– 29th Jan 2021Testing ‘Find out if you need planning permission’ / monitoring and evaluation plan Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 35–3629th Jan 2021– 12th Feb 2021Officer testing feedback /  user testing feedback  / GIS update / more data to BOPs / GIS automations / Result / Changes to service and content Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 37–3812th Feb 2021– 26th Feb 2021Development backlog prioritisation / Developing the testing scenarios / Basic all-the-way-through ‘Apply for Certificate of Lawfulness’ to BOPS. Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 39–4026th Feb 2021– 12th Mar 2021User testing feedback on LDC service / State persist / New features and bug fixes Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 41–4212th Mar 2021– 26th Mar 2021Adding test scenarios  / API endpoint / Results / Calculate fees Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 43–4426th Mar 2021– 9th Apr 2021Omegas / Officer scenario testing /  Pay Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 45–469th Apr 2021– 23rd Apr 2021Officer testing / non-planner testing / Edge case scenario testing / Benefits case update / Infrastructure / Confirmation pages Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 47–4823rd Apr 2021– 7th May 2021Roadmap / more scenario testing / Prior Approvals / Bux A4s / Logic engine upgrade Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 49–507th May 2021– 21st May 2021Testing updates / Data-driven reporting demo / Three LDC services / The Big GIS hookup / GPDO 6 updates Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 51–5421st May 2021– 18th June 2021Preparations for Private BETA / How we are collecting and processing feedback. Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 55–5621st Jun 2021– 2nd July 2021Launch of Private BETA. ‘All the things we want to improve’ demo Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 57–582nd July 2021– 16th July 2021User testing / Content  (simplifying text, defining concepts) / Publish button Slides Show & Tell
Weeks 59–6016th Jul 2021– 30th July 2021User testing change of use / Content (validations, planning constraints) Slides, E2E testing, Draw Boundary 2.0 Slides, Show & tell
Weeks 61–6430th Jul 2021– 27th Aug 2021- Feedback from BETA users / User testing subdivisions / GDPO Updates / Maps / Improving deployment Slides, Show & tell
Weeks 65–6627th Aug 2021– 10th Sep 2021User testing immunity / Making components accessible / See your data when you click back Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 66–6710th Sep 2021– 24th Sep 2021Feedback from live applications / Content review / Accessibility progress / ‘Wrong authority’ invalidation. Slides, Show & Tell  
Weeks 67–6824th Sep 2021– 8th Oct 2021User testing immunity / Making components accessible / See your data when you click back Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 68–698th Oct 2021– 22nd Oct 2021User testing extensions / Guidance for drawings /  Slides / Find property / A look ahead Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 70–7322nd Oct 2021– 19th Nov 2021Content style guide / Building types detected automatically /   Fetch planning constraints from site outline / Snaps on maps Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 70–7319th Nov 2021– 17th Dec 2021Email notifications review / Accessibility fixes / Analytics 1.0 / Commit notes on editor Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 74–8210th Jan 2022 – 3rd Mar 2022First combined show and tell Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 83–863rd Mar 2022 - 30th Mar 2022Analytics, Digital Land integration, High level roadmap, Prior Approval mapping Slides, Show & Tell
Weeks 87–9030th Mar 2022 - 26th Apr 2022 WCAG Approval, Save & Return, Uniform integration, BOPS Validation wizard, BOPS 2-factor-authentication Slides, Show & Tell

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